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Session 3 Begins

November 6th, 6pm CST


Unlock new opportunities for your business with our 4-week course. Join us as we guide you through the MBE/WBE/DBE certification application process and pave the way for success in government contracting. Don't miss out, limited spots available!

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102: Marketing Your Business in Government Contracting

Open the door to government contracts with our comprehensive 4-week course. Learn to craft a powerful Capability statement, pitch deck, and navigate vendor portals. Gain the competitive edge and secure lucrative opportunities with government agencies. Enroll now!

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103: Wynne a government contract

Master the art of bidding on government contracts in just 6 weeks. Gain valuable insights from a master panel on leveraging your certification status to partner with key organizations and connect with decision makers in the public and private sectors. Secure your success today!

Begins November 6, 2023

lead facilitator

Kristina M Wynne, CEO of The Wynners Club and Licensed Business Broker

Kristina has been working in the space of business development for nearly 10 years. She has worked for some well known companies like Goldman Sachs and the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). Since 2019, Kristina has helped over 50 businesses across the country get certified as a MBE, WBE, or DBE business.

LEAD facilitator

Irma Lopez

CEO of ICL Consulting, LLC

ICL Consulting, LLC is the leading advocate for women, minorities, and people with disabilities who want to scale their businesses through government and corporate contracting opportunities.

Irma is an experienced Enterprise Business Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. She is bilingual (English/Spanish) and a strong community and social services professional.

What People are Saying...

"The Certification process is so difficult, I tried it by myself and was unsuccessful. Kristina and The Wynners Club helped get certified as a DBE and MBE/WBE business! Now my husband and I are able to work with the prime contractors we had developed relationships with. Kristina also created my capability statement which has been a major part in growing my business to work with prime contractors as a sub on bids with the government."

Noemi Luna of Prado L Construction

What People are Saying...

"It took Kristina less than a month to get my certified with the state of Illinois as a WMBE. She prepped me with the documents I needed to submit for the application and we were able to get the application submitted in a week! Then she created my capability statement and pitch deck because I wanted to begin pitching the schools, police departments, and corporations on hiring me as a speaker. Since working with Kristina I have acquired contracts with local Public School System, NFP organizations, and corporations. Invest in your business by working with The Wynners Club it's more than worth the price."

Tamika Hill, LCSW of THill Consultant

What People are Saying...

"I am a celebrity Chef in LA and I created a gourmet line of sauce, spices, and beverages. I have been blessed to cook for celebrities around the country, worked in major stadiums as a chef, and opened a restaurant. I found Kristina because it was time for me to level up my business. I wanted to have my sauce in major stadiums and retailers around the country. Two years ago I found Kristina on YouTube and booked a call with her. After our call I hired her immediately! She has helped me get MBE certified, created my capability statement and pitch deck, connected me to an exclusive conference where I was able to meet the buyers for a lot of major corporations like Target, Amazon, Chase Bank, Kroger, Macys, Google, and many more. By next year, start looking for placements of Saucy D’s Signature Sauces and Rubs: Saucy D’s The Everything Sauce, Saucy D’s All-Purpose Rub, Saucy D’s Chipotle Hot Sauce, Saucy D’s Chipotle Black Truffle Hot Sauce . "

Chef D of Saucy D's

What People are Saying...

"I hired Kristina because I am a solo entrepreneur in a service based business and I was already working with government agencies and a couple major corporations without being certified. As a matter of fact, I didn't know anything about being certified until one of my clients inquired and said it was being enforce as a requirement in that particular state. Kristina has helped my complete to certification applications and we are working on getting the 3rd. I worked with her for three months and we completed three certification applications, implemented a CRM system, refined my list of services to better fit for working with government agencies, updated my marketing strategy, and hire an executive assistant. Working with Kristina was life changing for me. "

Dominique Hollins of We360

Don't miss this premium training

Join The Wynners Club Certification Bootcamp Session 103: How to Win a Government Contract and embark on a comprehensive 6-week journey to government contracting success.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of government contracting? Join The Wynners Club Certification Bootcamp Session 103 and equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to secure lucrative government contracts. This 6-week intensive program is designed to demystify the complex landscape of government procurement, ensuring you are well-prepared for success.

Week 1: Panel Discussion with Government Buyers

Gain Exclusive Insights: Kickstart the bootcamp with a unique opportunity to engage in a panel discussion with seasoned government buyers. Understand their expectations, procurement needs, and the keys to building successful partnerships.

Week 2: Understanding Government Contracting

Dive into the Regulatory Landscape: Build a strong foundation by exploring the intricacies of government contracting. Get acquainted with the key regulations, various contract types, and the fundamental principles that underpin the procurement process.

Week 3: How to Bid as a Subcontractor

Unlock Subcontracting Opportunities: Master the art of bidding as a subcontractor. Discover how to position yourself for subcontracting success, navigate SAM registration, and secure essential certifications that open doors to lucrative opportunities.

Week 4: Proposal Writing Part 1 (Leveraging FOIA)

Harness the Power of Information: In the first part of our proposal writing series, learn how to leverage the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to gather critical insights, setting the stage for a compelling proposal.

Week 5: Proposal Writing Part 2 (Development)

Craft Winning Proposals: Dive deeper into the art of proposal development. Understand RFP structures, evaluation criteria, and develop the skills to create persuasive and competitive submissions that captivate evaluators.

Week 6: Submitting and Post-Submission Activities

Navigate the Final Stages: Master the art of submitting successful bids while ensuring compliance with stringent standards. Explore post-submission activities, including debriefs, negotiations, and the effective management of government contracts.

By the end of this bootcamp, you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently pursue government contracts. Join us and take the first step toward becoming a government contracting expert. Unlock the doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and financial growth with The Wynners Club. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business and secure government contracts with confidence. 🚀💼🔑

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